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Icon IT Distribution is the official UK Distributor of Switz Antivirus. Icon is based in the South of England and has employees directly employed and funded by Switz Antivirus to support resellers and manage their accounts. Contact us today to become a partner and gain access to an account manager who will help you in any way you need to win more business.


Below is a table we’ve put together to show you some of the features of SWITZ Antivirus, if you would like to see all the features of SWITZ Antivirus, or you want to see the amazing things SWITZ Business Security does to protect your business click here

  • More than 10 000 000 signatures in virus databases. SWITZ Antivirus protects Your PC from all types of malware.
  • High efficiency of protection – 65 000 new threats added every day.
  • 99% automation of work with database. SWITZ Antivirus excludes human factor from the work with virus database. This makes the threat identification and neutralization faster and secure.
  • Guard system – the constant scan of running applications and files. SWITZ Antivirus monitors running applications and files which are opened and blocks or removes threats “on the fly”, without giving the malware a chance to cause undesirable consequences for your system.
  • Heuristic analysis – identifying of viruses which are not listed in database. SWITZ Antivirus can protect the system even from malware that have not yet emerged and have not been included to the antivirus database.
  • Low system memory usage – SWITZ Antivirus technologies make the software light on usage of system resources.
  • Three types of scanning: Full, Quick and Custom scans allow checking your computer and system areas according to settings established by user.
  • Mail and Web filtering: SWITZ Antivirus controls every possible way when the system can be infected with malware, especially E-Mail and websites. In case of finding infected E-Mails or dangerous websites, SWITZ Antivirus blocks them.
  • Integrated firewall: SWITZ Antivirus controls network traffic on predetermined rules that could be set by customer.
  • USB protection: automatic scanning of external storage.
  • Three-click program installation.
  • Optimal solution: SWITZ Antivirus always recommends an optimal action for every threat that was found. But anyway user can choose another action and apply it.
  • Intuitive interface: SWITZ Antivirus has simple and friendly user interface for wide range of customers with different level of computer skills.
  • Response to customer requests in a 24/7 mode. SWITZ Antivirus is oriented on global market and we understand the importance of fast and professional support every day and every hour. We want to make our customers sure, that they can rely not only on the product, but also on our team.
  • Absence of embedded adverts and alerts which are not related to the protection. SWITZ Antivirus is self-sufficient project and we don’t need to bother you with annoying adverts.
  • 30 days free trial version of the software.
  • System requirements allow installing antivirus on almost all Windows operating hardware.
  • Convenient payment methods for our users.